Teens Create International Animation

This spring, ASIFA/Central is partnering with the Mollie Club at the CMC to participate in a unique collaborative international animation project, working in tandem along with other youth in at least thirteen countries. The project “Olympics: Let’s Fantasize!” has young people reconsidering what is meaningful about the Olympic Games, and creating animations that present fresh ideas for a new Olympics. The completed animations will be broadcast in China before the 2008 Olympics, and will also be screened at the Hiroshima International Animation Festival, Japan, in August.

The project is organized by the AWG: Animation Workshop Group. This group was started in 1979 as a project of the international ASIFA, l’Association Internationale du Film d’Animation, the oldest organization for international animators. ASIFA was founded in 1960, is based in Paris, and is chartered under UNESCO. The purpose of ASIFA is to promote cultural understanding through the art of animation. There are chapters all around the world.

The workshop will be led by Gretchen Vinnedge and Deanna Morse, working at the CMC during April.

Gretchen Vinnedge is the Education Director for the Community Media Center and Deanna is a Professor in Film and Video, School of Communications, Grand Valley State University, and a Vice-President for ASIFA International.