Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any of the Animation festivals in particular which I could send my film(s)?

A. There are a variety of festivals for various types of films. ASIFA/Central has a list of festivals on our website – animation festivals. If its not on our festival list then chances are we don't have any further knowledge of any other animation festivals for your film(s).

Q. Please send me more information on ASIFA/Central?

A. Check out our organizations information page – org info. If you have specific questions email:

Q. Does this group still meet?

A. Yes. We get together at our annual Animators Conference and Retreat. The time between our annual conferences we operate and meet in a virtual capacity; through the website, email, and our quarterly publication - Frame by Frame.

Q. Where can I purchase videos of more recent animation?

A. Check out's animation store.

Q. I am a student and I have an assignment to do for class and thought I'd ask for your help if you have the time. If you can give me some information on the career of a character animator?

A. Sorry we can't help you in this capacity. Please make use of the information on our website (with proper source credit being given).

Q. I would like to know how to join the international membership of Asifa?

A.You can become an international member through ASIFA/Central. Go to our Join ASIFA web page for this information.

Q. I am inquiring about the schools that have a great animation and computer graphics program; specifically in places like Texas, or California. Your website has some very good information but I cannot tell one school animation program from another. Which schools are have a good animation program and which do you recommend for me?

A. We cannot really recommend any one school over another, or even go so far as to tell you which school to go to. The animation schools listed on our website are only links to school websites that we can only hope provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision. Our list does not endorse these schools over other schools which may not be listed.

Q. I am wondering if there was an animator named So and So? apparently no one has heard of him among my peers or my instructors and I am almost positive that I saw his name on some films in the mid 1950's.

A. Unfortunately animation history questions are not our forte. 99% of the time we won't be able to have an answer for you. If you find helpful animation history web sites that answer your question please send us feedback and web site information.

Q. Where can I purchase the Disney Animation Studio (other animation software)?

A.There are numerous places that sell animation software. Most software will be expensive and there is no way around it unless you buy it with a educational discount (in which case you have to be a student or faculty).