Frame-by-Frame Newsletter Archive – Fall 1996


  • “Timing is Everything” by Melissa Bouwman
  • ASIFA Members Are Moving! by Mary Lou Haynes
  • World Peace Animation Contest Winner’s Update Corner by Phillip Simoncelli
  • Announcing NEW On-Line Address by Byron Grush
  • More WEB Info by Byron Grush
  • On-line Schools List by David Ehrlich
  • Festival News & Contests
  • An Interview with Ed Counts by Carolyn Shaffer
  • ASIFA International Activities by David Ehrlich
  • 6th International Hiroshima Animation Festival by David Ehrlich
  • U.S. Animations in Hiroshima ’96 by Skip Battaglia
  • Animated Aztec Mythology at Santa Fe by Byron Grush
  • Job Bulletin Board
  • President’s Report – Deanna Morse
  • Whole Toon Catalog is Back! by David Thrasher
  • More Animation Web Sites by David Thrasher
  • What Is ASIFA International? by Raoul Servais
  • What Does ASIFA International really Do? by David Ehrlich
  • Frame by Frame Gallery

Link to Newsletter PDF: Fall 1996