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The following links and documents were created several years ago for our Frame by Frame Quarterly Newsletter. We have since gone to online news and information. Many find our Frame by Frame articles of interest and so these articles are archived here for you to review and research.

Frame By Frame

A former ASIFA Central Animation Quarterly publication.

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Interviewed Animators

Gav Gnatovich – Knock Knock Cartoons
Ed Counts – independent animator by Carolyn Shaffer
Kim White – PIXAR TD
Greg Colton – South Park lipsync artist
Jim Richardson
– Will Vinton Studios
Ed Counts – “Zoetrobics”
Steven Webber – music composer

Career Articles

Animation job hunting at SIGGRAPH
Finding Animation Jobs
Timing is Everything, or,
How to get Into the Big Animation Studios
by Melissa Bouwman

Animation Legalities

Insurance by Pamela A. Schechter
Freelance Writing Agreements for Television by Pamela A. Schechter
Copyrights by Pamela A. Schechter
Buying Back Rights To A Character by Pamela A.
Laboratory Processing Agreements by Pamela
A. Schechter
Attorneys by Pamela A. Schechter

Animation and the Internet

Animation on the Web by Melissa Bouwman

Animation Films

Toy Story, First Computer Animated Feature by
Byron Grush
Picture Perfect: Working on The Nightmare Before Christmas
by Paul

Animation Festivals

Compai! The 7th International Animation Festival
Hiroshima ?98
by Deanna Morse
Non-Scientific Observations on Common Elements in Animation Entries… by Deanna Morse
Ottawa ’94 International Animation Festival
by Deanna Morse
Another View of Ottawa by Erik Timmerman
The Annecy ’95 Festival by David Ehrlich
The 12th Chicago International Children’s Film
by Marie Cenkner
Tenth Annual Chicago International Children’s Film
by Marie Cenkner


WHO IS WHO IN ASIFA – USA by Deanna Morse

What is ASIFA International? by David Ehrlich,
Vice President, ASIFA International
3rd Annual Conference and Retreat by Deanna
ASIFA Vancouver! by Leslie Bishko, founder, ASIFA Vancouver

Various Animation Topics

Animated Aztec Mythology at Santa Fe by Byron Grush
Anarchy in the Arts & the Techno-revolution
by Byron Grush
Film Alchemy by Leah M. Bosworth
Pedagogy & Cinema Technology: Hidden Stories
by Adwoa X. Muwzea
Animation’s Dirty Little Secret? by David Thrasher

Animation in Architecture
by Mark and Linda Keane
Startoon’s McClenahan Honored by Leonard Kohl
Space, Oskar Fischinger and Desktop Computer Animation
by Byron Grush
Communal Material, Quilt Material by Mary Beams
Motion Control and Other Adventures
by Roger Holden
Riffling Without Rabbits: A Non-Roger Approach by
Terry Schoen
An Inexpensive Pencil Test System by David Thrasher
The 1994 SIGGRAPH Art and Design Show by Deanna

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