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Frame-by-Frame Newsletter Archive – Winter 2003

Contents: Hiroshima 2002: The Spirit of Love and Peace by Deanna Morse Notes from the Light Board: Reorganizing the ASIFA Notes on CARTOON MUSIC, edited by Daniel Goldmark and Yuval Taylor Chicago Area Animators Form New Organization Highlights from the

Frame-by-Frame Newsletter Archive – Winter 2001

Contents: Woo Hoo! The Retreat Is On It’s Way! by Melissa Bouwman Stressed Animation Part III Letter from the Editor by Jennifer Eldred Fifth Annual MadCat Women’s International Film Festival Call For Submissions Call For Works ASIFA/Central Reel II Calendar

Frame-by-Frame Newsletter Archive – Winter 2000

Contents: Speakers Prepare to WOW! @ 8th Annual Conference by M.L. Haynes Web Award Letter from the Editor by Jennifer Eldred Website of Interest by David Thrasher Alternative Lodging Information for the Annual Conference & Retreat Returning to the Source

Frame-by-Frame Newsletter Archive – Spring 2000

Contents: ASIFA/Central Animation Retreat 2000 Computer Animation: An Insider’s Advice Letter from the Editor by Jennifer Eldred Letter from the New President by Randy Rockafellow ASIFA/Central Board Meeting 2000 by Deanna Morse Experimental Film by ASIFA/Central Animator Chosen for Animation

Frame-by-Frame Newsletter Archive – Fall 1996

Contents: “Timing is Everything” by Melissa Bouwman ASIFA Members Are Moving! by Mary Lou Haynes World Peace Animation Contest Winner’s Update Corner by Phillip Simoncelli Announcing NEW On-Line Address by Byron Grush More WEB Info by Byron Grush On-line Schools