Author: Chuck Wilson

Frame-by-Frame Newsletter Archive – Winter 1991

Contents: Membership Meeting Honoring Gordan Sheehan Board of Directors Meeting Midwest Film Conference Local News Boyerberry Goes High Tech Sayonarra Japanese Sessions Local Productions International News National News What is ASIFA? Link to Newsletter PDF: Winter 1991

Frame-by-Frame Newsletter Archive – Fall 1991

Contents: Letter from the President News Events Future ASIFA Activities Annecy New Publications Videos, Films, Work Wanted Recollections of a Summer Animation Intern by Jeff Jankens Link to Newsletter PDF: Fall 1991

Frame-by-Frame Newsletter Archive – Winter 1990

Contents: Out of the Inkwell – David Daruszka ASIFA News ASIFA International Board of Directors Meeting New and Renewing Members National news Local News Why Should I Join ASIFA International by David Erlich List of ASIFA US and International Contacts

Frame-by-Frame Newsletter Archive – Spring – Summer – Fall 1990

Contents: Out of the Inkwell by David Daruszka Local News by Deanna Morse Interview with Jon McClenahan by Leonard Kohl Local News Publications News From Around the World Film Festivals by David Ehrlich Hot off the animation news ticker On

Frame-by-Frame Newsletter Archive – Fall 1989

Contents: Out of the Inkwell – President’s Message Midwest Update Local News Link to Newsletter PDF: Fall 1989