Author: Chuck Wilson

Frame-by-Frame Newsletter Archive – Fall 1996

Contents: “Timing is Everything” by Melissa Bouwman ASIFA Members Are Moving! by Mary Lou Haynes World Peace Animation Contest Winner’s Update Corner by Phillip Simoncelli Announcing NEW On-Line Address by Byron Grush More WEB Info by Byron Grush On-line Schools

Frame-by-Frame Newsletter Archive – Winter 1993

Contents: Animation Retreat Letter from the President Publications Festivals! World’s Oldest Animation? Warner Bros. Appearances Graph The Logic of Character Newton’t Laws of Charactational Force The SAS Conference Virtual Reality Book Review Member News/MidWest Update News Information for Membership Directory

Frame-by-Frame Newsletter Archive – Fall 1993

Contents: Letter From The President Children’s Film Festival Animation Bits King Kong’s 60th B-Day Events & Festivals SIGGRAPH ’93 Link to Newsletter PDF: Fall 1993

Frame-by-Frame Newsletter Archive – Summer 1993

Contents: ASIFA Barbeque Meeting Mailing Label Info Letter from the President Current Board Members Get Active! ASIFA/Central Members List by State Festivals Info & Stuff Popeye Event Highlights from Past ASIFA Events Weekend Retreat ASIFA/Central Membership Directory Program Guidelines Join

Frame-by-Frame Newsletter Archive – Spring 1993

Contents: Midwest Animator’s Retreat Update Letter from the President by Deanna Morse Publications Calling all Animakers Festivals Digital Quilt What’s An Anijam? Cartoon Classes F.Y.I. Stuff to Buy Board Elections NCGA ’93 Grant Events Midwest Directory Update News Link to