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An Interview with Ed Counts by Carolyn Shaffer

Through the now ubiquitous mode of communication, I met and talked with Ed Counts in “e-mail time.” Ed is an animator, an artist and a professor at Western Kentucky University (WKU). He sent me a tape of his six, diverse

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The following links and documents were created several years ago for our Frame by Frame Quarterly Newsletter. We have since gone to online news and information. Many find our Frame by Frame articles of interest and so these articles are

ASIFA Central Annouces Annual Conference & Retreat Nov 7- Nov 8, 2014

ASIFA Central Annual Midwest Animator’s Retreat 2014 Friday Nov 7 – Sat. Nov 8 ASIFA/Central 22nd Annual Midwest Animator’s Retreat at the Mosaic Film Experience (MFE) Wealthy Theatre, 1130 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI Friday, November 7th Koning

Who Is Who in ASIFA – USA by Deanna Morse

There are six ASIFA Chapters in the United States of America – three on the West coast, one in the Midwest and two on the East coast. ASIFA/Hollywood ASIFA/San Francisco ASIFA/Northwest ASIFA/East ASIFA/Central ASIFA/Washington ASIFA-East – USA ASIFA/East, based in